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Merch by Amazon Alternatives: 10 Best Platforms for Selling Your Designs

Introduction to merch by amazon alternatives

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Merch by Amazon is one of the most famous platforms for selling designs and make a lot of money from selling designs. But most of the time Merch By Amazon doesn’t accept all accounts and it’s very difficult to have an account with them, except in the USA and a few countries in the EU.

So if you are a designer or artist don’t worry in this comprehensive post I will give you a list of the top 10 Merch By Amazon alternatives where you can sell your designs and start making money with an easy subscription and a range of opportunities to monetize your creative work.

Understanding Merch by Amazon

Before start talking about Merch by Amazon alternatives we need to understand what is it and what the challenges faced by sellers on this platform

Merch By Amazon offers a big Marketplace to sell designs and art (t-shirts – phone cases – prompts )  

The designers just make the design and put in the Merch by Amazon products and the company promotes  prints and sends it to clients

While Merch By Amazon offers all that. Not all designers are allowed to join their program and start making money because Merch by Amazon accepts just a few accounts daily and these accounts are most of the time from the USA. Since of that most designers have searched for other alternatives and  we will do so with a list of 10 Merch By Amazon Alternatives.

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1. Redbubble : 1st merch by amazon alternatives

The first Merch By Amazon alternative is Redbubble :

Redbubble is an online Marketplace for selling designs.  it connects designers with people from all over the world by showing their designs and art on products. All you need to do is set up shop and upload your designs.

These are the steps you need to start :

  • Create your account it’s free and easy fast just click on this button: Sign up
  • Head your Account information and make sure it is correct
  • Set up your payment information you can use Paypal or a Bank account depending on your account and selected currency
  • Confirmed your account by clicking on the email confirmation

Visite Redbubble site and create your account to start your own business from this link : Redbuble

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2. Society6 : 2nd merch by amazon alternatives

Society6 is also an online marketplace for selling design work. It allows all artists professionals and amateurs to create their own online shops to sell their works ( posters – prints – prompts and  accessories )

To start you need to create an account It for easy and free:

  • Create an account by setting your informations: Create an account
  • Set up your payment method and replace the correct informations
  • Confirm you account

Visite Soceity6 site and create your account to start your own business from this link: Soceity6

3. Teespring: 3rd merch by amazon alternatives

Teespring is a platform that makes it easy for anyone to create and sell high-quality products. Teespring is free to use you can create an account upload designs and begin to sell.

You don’t need to be a Photoshop expert or a professional designer you can use simple tools like Canva and start your own business

Visite Teespring site and create your account to start your own business from this link: Teespring

4. Printful: 4th merch by amazon alternatives

Printful is the best option for dropshipping print-on-demand services. Printful is the one that probably is what you already think it is where the order goes to print, they have a big Warehouse that makes your product packages it, and sends it out. Printful offers very high-quality products (t-shirts – shoes – hoodies… ). So all you need is to have a store on Shopify – Etsy or any Marketplace and start promoting your products that you make with printful.

Visite Printful site and create your account to start your own business from this link: Printful

5. Zazzle: 5th merch by amazon alternatives

Zazzle is also a print-on-demand company like Redbubble and Teespring but there are a lot of differences. Zazzle offers t-shirts – stickers – ornaments- and paper … it’s a big marketplace that connects Customers with Creators and designers. They allow customers to discover, customize, and purchase designs and products.

Visite Zazzle site and create your account to start your own business from this link: Zazzle

6. Etsy: 6th merch by amazon alternatives

Etsy is a big marketplace where customers can make,  sell, and buy unique items including jewelry, bags, clothing, art, prompts, stickers, and planners. Etsy gives sellers personal stores where they list their products which cost 0.20 USD also Etsy claims 6.5.% of the final sale price of the listing.

All you need is to open an account and start listing products you can use Printify or AI to make prompts and stickers and sell them on Etsy.

Visite Etsy site and create your account to start your own business from this link: Etsy

7. Threadless : 7th merch by amazon alternatives


Is also a print-on-demand marketplace where you can shop awesome t-shirts art prints phone cases.

Threadless is a creative community that makes, supports, and buys great art so you can join their community and create your Artist  shop for free.

Visite Threadless site and create your account to start your own business from this link: Threadless

8. Design by Humans :merch by amazon alternative

Design by Humans is a print-on-demand marketplace that allows designers to upload their designs to decorate products and start earning money. Design by Humans allows you to upload your art  (t-shirts – hoodies – phone cases -stickers ) and pay for each sale. To apply to Design by Humans you need to provide your information and your payment method (they accept Paypal)..

Visite Design By Humman site and create your account to start your own business from this link: Design By Humman

9. Spreadshirt : merch by amazon alternative

Spreadshirt is also a print-on-demand platform for selling clothes and accessories. They allow designers to share their creative ideas and upload designs (t-shirts – sweaters – bags …)and start making money. All you need is to join their program giving your information and payment method.

Visite Spreadshirt site and create your account to start your own business from this link: Spreadshirt

10. Teepublic : merch by amazon alternative

TeePublic is another print-on-demand platform of the largest marketplace for creators to sell the highest quality designs. You need to create your design and upload it after choosing a product

Your design will be accepted before 72hours :

  Product  Regular      Price    You Earn    Sale Price    You Earn
Classic T-Shirt$22.00$4.00$16.00$2.00
Classic Tank$20.00$4.00$13.00$2.00
Coffee Mug$15.00$3.00$12.00$2.00

Visite Teepublic site and create your account to start your own business from this link: Teepublic

Comparing Merch By Amazon Alternatives

Here is a table comparing the pros and cons of the mentioned websites:

RedbubbleWide range of products, global shipping, low fees for sellersHigh competition, limited customization options
TeespringEasy-to-use platform, no upfront costs, automated order fulfillmentLimited product range, lower profit margins for sellers
SpreadshirtLarge product selection, global shipping, no inventory management requiredLimited customization options, fees for premium features
Society6High-quality products, global shipping, artist communityLimited control over pricing, lower profit margins for artists
ZazzleWide range of customizable products, print-on-demand fulfillmentHigh competition, fees for premium features
PrintfulSeamless integration with ecommerce platforms, high-quality printing, global fulfillmentHigher product costs, limited customization options
ThreadlessArtist community, opportunities for collaboration, global shippingLimited control over pricing, lower profit margins for artists
TeePublicEasy-to-use platform, large customer base, automated fulfillmentLower profit margins for artists, limited product range
Design By HumansArtist community, global shipping, automated order fulfillmentLimited control over pricing, lower profit margins for artists
EtsyWide range of handmade and unique products, established marketplaceHigher fees, competition from other sellers

Please note that these pros and cons may vary based on individual experiences and requirements. It’s always recommended to thoroughly research each platform and consider your specific needs before making a decision.


Merch by Amazon is the best print-on-demand marketplace, but because of the difficulty of joining their system these 10 alternatives also give a big chance for the designer to share our designs and start their own business with no difficulty and high commission.

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Is Amazon Merch still profitable?

The profitability of Amazon Merch can vary depending on several factors and individual circumstances.

Is selling Merch by Amazon worth it?

Whether selling Merch by Amazon is worth it or not depends on various factors such as the quality of your designs, market demand, competition, marketing efforts, pricing strategies, and your ability to adapt.

What is like Amazon Merch?

ome popular alternatives to Amazon Merch include Redbubble, Teespring, Spreadshirt, Society6, and Zazzle.

Does everyone get accepted to Merch by Amazon?

No, not everyone gets accepted to Merch by Amazon as it operates on an invitation-only basis, and acceptance depends on various factors

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