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Merch by Amazon Approval Unleashed: Your Path to Unlocking Lucrative Merchandise Sales in 2023

Introduction to : Merch by Amazon Approval


Print-on-demand is one of the best ways to make money online, thousands of designers start their businesses by joining print-on-demand systems. Merch by Amazon is one of the best of these systems with high quality and a big marketplace with millions of clients and high commissions allowing making money and start your own business. Still, the problem is that Merch by Amazon only accepts a few accounts, especially from the USA. So this blog post will give you the right way to get approval by explaining step-by-step how to join Merch by Amazon system.

Understanding Merch by Amazon

What is Merch by Amazon?

Merch by Amazon is a print-on-demand system that allows designers and artists to create and sell their designs on Amazon. It allows you to upload your designs, choose the products you want to sell (such as t-shirts, hoodies, or mugs), set your prices, and Amazon take the responsabilty of printing, shipping, and customer service.

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Why should you get approved?

Merch by Amazon is the best print demand system because Amazon’s marketplace allows you to get thousands of visitors daily and :

  • Large Customer base: Amazon has a big customer base, because of millions of Amazon visitors that allow you to get high reach to your store
  • You don’t need capital: you can start uploading designs and making money with no money because Amazon takes the responsibility of printing and shipping.
  • High-quality printing and shipping: Merch by Amazon is known for its high-quality print and fast shipping which give the customer a good experience.
  • Passive Income: After uploading your designs and listing them on Amazon, you can earn money for every purchase
  • Brand Building: Merch by Amazon helps you to build your brand and grow.

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Steps to Get Approved

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Research and Preparation

To get approved for Merch By Amazon, you should follow these steps :

  1. Visit Merch by Amazon website and click on ” Request invitation”
  2. Provide your information ( personal information – business information- contact information- tax information – bank account)
  3. A very important step is email motivation you must wright a good message talking about your design experience and the message must be professional. I recommend you to use Fiver there are a lot of freelancers that can write a very good Merch by Amazon email motivation. These are the big steps to get approved.
  4. Make sure all your information is correct especially your Tax info and Bank account.
  5. Submit your application and make sure you have followed all the guidelines.
  6. Make sure your designs respect Amazon’s policies and upload high-quality designs.

Remember, the approval process may take time, so be patient. Focus on creating high-quality designs and following best practices. Good luck with your application!

Create an Amazon Seller Account

To create a Merch By Amazon seller account, follow these steps:

  1. Go to the Merch By Amazon website (
  2. Click on the “Request Invitation” button.
  3. Sign in using your existing Amazon account credentials or create a new Amazon account.
  4. Fill in the required information such as your name, email address, and phone number.
  5. Provide additional details like your business name (if applicable) and your country of residence.
  6. Agree to the Merch By Amazon terms and conditions.
  7. Submit your application for review.
  8. Wait for Amazon to review your application. This process may take several days or weeks.
  9. Once your application is approved, you will receive an email notification from Amazon.
  10. Follow the instructions in the email to complete the setup of your Merch By Amazon seller account.

That’s it! You have successfully created a Merch By Amazon seller account.

Design and Upload High-Quality Designs


To design and upload high-quality designs in Merch By Amazon, follow these steps:

  1. Research popular niches: Identify profitable niches and trends that have a high demand on the Merch By Amazon platform.
  2. Understand the guidelines: Familiarize yourself with the design guidelines provided by Merch By Amazon to ensure your designs meet their requirements.
  3. Create original designs: Use professional design software or online design tools to create unique and visually appealing designs that cater to your target audience.
  4. Optimize design for print: Ensure your designs are high-resolution (at least 300 dpi) and properly formatted for print on Merch By Amazon products.
  5. Test your designs: Before uploading, print and review your designs to ensure they look good on various products and sizes.
  6. Prepare product images: Create high-quality product images that showcase your designs on different apparel types. Use mockup templates or hire a professional designer if needed.
  7. Upload your designs: Log in to your Merch By Amazon account, navigate to the Upload section, and follow the prompts to upload your designs, set pricing, and provide product details.
  8. Promote your designs: Once your designs are live, promote them through social media, email marketing, or by running paid advertising campaigns to increase visibility and sales.

Set Competitive Prices

To set competitive prices in Merch by Amazon, consider the following tips:

  1. Research the market: Analyze the prices of similar products in your niche to get an idea of the average price range. This will help you understand the competitive landscape.

  2. Evaluate your costs: Calculate the production, shipping, and other associated costs for your merchandise. This will give you an idea of the minimum price you need to charge to cover your expenses.

  3. Consider value proposition: Determine the unique value or quality that sets your products apart from others. If your merchandise offers additional value or superior quality, you might be able to justify slightly higher prices.

  4. Balance profitability and competitiveness: While it’s important to stay competitive, don’t undervalue your products. Ensure that your prices are reasonable enough to generate a profit and cover your expenses.

By conducting thorough market research, evaluating costs, considering the value proposition, and balancing profitability and competitiveness, you can set competitive prices for your products in Merch by Amazon.

Waiting for Approval

How long does it take to get approved?

To get approved take time : between 1week to 3 weeks. You get email from Merch by Amazon telling you that you get approved. So you must review your inbox daily.

Tips for a Successful Approval

Follow Amazon’s Guidelines

To increase your chances of getting approved on Merch By Amazon, it’s important to follow Amazon’s guidelines. Ensure that your designs comply with their content policies, which includes avoiding copyrighted or trademarked material. Create original and unique designs that are not offensive, discriminatory, or violate any intellectual property rights. Additionally, make sure to provide accurate product descriptions and use high-quality images for your listings. By adhering to Amazon’s guidelines, you’ll have a better chance of getting approved on Merch By Amazon.

Optimize Your Product Listings

To optimize your product listings in Merch By Amazon, follow these steps:

  1. Use targeted keywords: Research and include relevant keywords in your product title, bullet points, and product description to improve visibility and search rankings.

  2. Write compelling product descriptions: Clearly describe the features, benefits, and unique selling points of your product, making it enticing for potential buyers.

  3. Optimize product images: Use high-quality images that accurately represent your product. Include multiple angles and ensure the images are properly formatted for the platform.

  4. Price competitively: Research the prices of similar products in your niche and set a competitive price that aligns with market expectations.

Promote Your Designs

Promote Your Designs is a leading platform for showcasing and marketing creative designs. You can use Social Media to promote your designs platforms like InstagramFacebookTikTok will be a graet choises


In conclusion, obtaining approval for Merch by Amazon requires a strategic approach and careful adherence to the outlined steps. By thoroughly researching the platform’s requirements, optimizing your designs, and maintaining a consistent standard of quality, you can increase your chances of securing approval. Remember, patience and persistence are key in this process. So, start working on your designs, follow the guidelines, and soon you’ll be on your way to a successful Merch by Amazon journey.

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